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Sports Betting 102 - Making the Spread

The spread is created and originates out of Las Vegas. Las Vegas Sports Consultants is the primary provider of sports betting lines. This company attempts to put themselves in the shoes of the sports bettor to create a line that will get an equal amount of action on both sides of a bet. Factors they consider are power rankings, location, injuries, trends, public perception, weather, and current history/streaks.

Today all analysis is run through formulas to determine the spread. In football, the next week's spread is released after the last game on Sunday. In basketball, baseball and hockey, lines are usually released overnight.

Spread Components:

Power Ranking: The power ranking is used to create the original spread. If one team is ranked higher than the other, this team will initially be favored.

Location: A team is given points for playing at home. This can be about a 3 point move in football depending on the opponent. Factors to consider are natural grass teams, dome teams and climate.

Injuries/Starters: Player injuries are considered. A injured quarterback is considered a vital part of a team and could adjust the line 3 points while an injured linebacker may not move the spread at all. In baseball, starting pitching has a strong influence on the line and is considered in the power rankings.

Trends are important in rivalries when one team historically beats another and the line is adjusted accordingly.

Public perception is considered when the betting public likes to bet on one team or against another. Points may be added to public teams (i.e. New England Patriots) or against unpopular team (i.e. Kansas City Royals).

Weather is considered for outdoor games. In football, bad weather is considered to favor home teams, strong defense teams and under bets.

Current history: When a team is hot, bettors tend to follow it and the spread is adjusted accordingly.

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