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Sports Betting 201 - Handicappers/Touts

There are a lot of handicappers that sell their picks online, over the phone, or in weekly pick sheets. While a few of these handicappers are legit and may or may not have a winning record, the majority of them are not. What we mean by "not legit" is that they are losing handicappers, who specialize in selling their picks to make a living. These guys often target degenerate gamblers who can't resist the action of betting a "300 star pick" or a "lock of the year."

Once they get you phone number, they often call relentlessly and use hard sales pitchers such as "You are a loser. You need me to win," and others. It's important to know that these guys are selling picks that they don't bet and might not even like. They make their money selling the picks, not playing them. Some of these touts have been known to tell half their players to bet 1 side and half their players to bet the other. This way, they are guaranteed to keep a half of their customers while marketing for new ones. These touts might even have web casts, radio shows and TV shows.

A good way to spot evil touts is to look at their advertised winning percentage. If it is 65% or better season over season, they are lying. No one wins at those levels, and anyone who did would just bet their picks instead of selling them and risking have sportsbooks adjust to methods.

Even paying for picks from legitimate handicappers can be an uphill battle. Let's say a bettor finds a handicapper who sells winning picks. Problems arise in 2 main areas.

The first is that you will have to bet and win enough to cover cost of the picks. For example, lets say a tout will sell you his picks for 10% of you winnings. This charge changes the winning percentage that you need to profit in long term sports betting from 52.4% to 57.1%, an almost impossible winning percentage.

The second is hurdle is line movement. The tout may release his picks to the world and as soon as they hit the street, people are betting them. If big enough, this action can move the line and you will not get the same price that the handicapper has. This will move your winning rate off of the touts, and will cost you additional money in the long run. Even if the handicapper has only 2 customers and his action doesn't move the line at all, the line can still move between the time the pick is released and the time that you bet it.

With the internet, several handicapping monitoring organizations and sites have appeared and most respected touts register and pay to be monitored. This enables handicappers to show customers what their actual winning percentages are from a third party. The only problem with this is that touts have found ways around this by registering several different names and selling the one with the best current streak. But if you find a handicapper that you can trust, as to see his third party monitored stats.

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