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Sports Betting 301 - Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting

Fantasy sports are a growing and booming business. Friends, co-workers and acquaintances are all starting and joining fantasy leagues. Whether it's fantasy football, baseball or one of the hundreds other fantasy leagues now available, the "fantasy wave" has sweep up and converted sports fans everywhere to fantasy sports fans.

Most leagues that people join cost money. Whether it's a pay league through a website or a sportsbook, or a free league where all members throw money into a pot, this form of sports betting is growing, and there is money to be made. Often it's the guy who has the best draft or makes the best trades who wins the league, but many other aspects of fantasy sports are often overlooked.

Pick-ups from the free agent pool can help you win any fantasy league. Robbie Gould, the 2006 kicker for the Chicago Bears, went undrafted in over 99% of fantasy football leagues, yet he finished as the best kicker in the league in 2006. Another undrafted star in 2006 was Jon Papelbon, closer for the Boston Red Sox. Papelbon ended up being the second best statistical closer in MLB that same year.

These two are examples of exceptional free agent pickups. While not all pickups will be this good (and my not be good at all), these two prove that it is very important to watch the free agent pool for the next star in order to grab them before someone else in your league does. Even if you don't get the next Papelbon, you could land the next Chris Ray, undrafted 12th ranked closer in 2006.

Why are we talking fantasy sports in a sports betting guide? Because a lot of money can be won or lost in these leagues. Most people play in leagues with $500 buy-in or less, but $10,000 buy-in leagues exist. These leagues may be between a few high rollers or run through a sportsbook, and a lot of money changes hands.

Sportsbooks have also picked on the fantasy sports craze by not only running leagues, but by taking fantasy prop bets on players. For example, a sportsbook may offer a money line bet on which of two wide receivers will score more fantasy points in a given week.

As fantasy sports continue to grow in popularity, they will have more and more ties to sports betting. We view this as a good thing.

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