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Sports Betting 301 - Home Field Advantage

Sports betting spread and odds are adjusted for home field advantage. In football, the home team can get an extra three points in spread just for playing at home. Home teams are also favored in basketball, baseball, and just about every sport that has a home team.

Everyone knows that the principle behind this is that the home team is more comfortable playing in their own stadium with the support of their own fans. The edge is big in the NFL and could be even bigger in other sporting events, such as the World Cup.

The 2006 World Cup was played in Germany, this was a huge advantage for the German team that got much farther than anyone expected. While other teams had to leave their friends and family at home for weeks and live out of hotels, the German players were hours away from their homes and familiar with every city that they played in. Furthermore, all the locals spoke their language and every German was behind them. This kind of home field advantage can not be underrated, and Germany won their group, made it to the semi-finals, and finish third overall. There were long odds for them to get that far.

Germany's coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, said, "What this team achieved during the tournament is incredible. For the last seven or eight weeks every single day was emotionally charged." This emotional charge had to be easier to maintain playing in your home country in front of your own fans.

In most cases, home field advantage is already calculated in the price and spread. The Journal of Economics and Business ran an article summarizing research from the University of North Carolina, in which three professors studied "a bias in the pricing of the home field advantage". At the end of their study, they found, "little evidence of a mispricing of the home field advantage in either regular season or playoff games," in football, basketball and baseball.

Basically, the home field advantage does exist, but in most cases it is correctly priced into the odds. Therefore, the myth that betting only home teams can be profitable is false, but there are still opportunities where betting a team is profitable by recognizing circumstances similar to those experienced by Germany.

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