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Sports Betting 301 - The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the most watched and bet game in the country. According to, Super Bowl XL was watched by 141.4 million viewers, and the 10 most-watched programs in TV history are all Super Bowls. According to the Las Vegas Sports Consultants, about $100 million was bet on this game in Nevada in 2007 and even more money was wagered online.

While most people bet the Super Bowl, it seems that most people will bet with ESPN. Experts make predictions and voice opinions for the whole 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, and it's easy for sports bettors to fall in love with one team or the other and get carried away. It's important to remember that the Super Bowl is just one more football game, even though it's the last game of the year. Exercising proper money management is important in betting every game including this one. Every year handicappers lose big on the big game and regret it later.

While you shouldn't bet your whole bankroll on one side, there are plenty of prop bets offered that are often easier to predict than the game itself. In Super Bowl XLI, Peyton Manning was named the Super Bowl MVP and the Colts were favored. While it is still a gamble, bettors had to feel fairly confident that if the Colts won, Manning would be named the MVP. He did with a quarterback rating of 86 and an interception. At +130, a small bet on this turned a nice profit and probably would have if the Colts won by 30 or by 3.

Upcoming Super Bowl Locations:
2008 Super Bowl XLII - Glendale, Arizona
2009 Super Bowl XLIII - Tampa, Florida
2010 Super Bowl XLIV - Miami, Florida

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