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Sports Betting 301 - History and Trends

Trend betting is when a sports bettor uses trends to handicap picks. In this method, a bettor would look for circumstances where the outcome of a game drastically favors one team. For instance, a few years back, betting in the NFL against a team that was playing their 3rd straight road game was a popular and winning trend. The lines makers now take this trend into account when creating the spread.

Some bettors and most touts rely heavily of this method for picking games. Trends appear to appeal to most bettors because they are historical facts that tell you to like one team or the other. Additionally, having a trend can take the work out of handicapping two specific teams strength and weaknesses. It can be used as a shortcut, and this is probably why it is so popular with touts.

The reality of it is that most trends can be countered with another trend that tells you to bet the exact opposite way. An example could look like this:

Dallas -3 @ Washington
Home team covers 10 of the last 11 times these teams met - favors Washington
Dallas cover 8 out of the last 9 times it was favored by 3 - favors Dallas
Washington is 7 of 9 ATS after a double digit loss - favors Washington
Washington is 2 of 14 ATS as an underdog playing a division rival at home - favors Dallas

These trends can go on and on with no apparent winner, but people trend to stop looking once they find a couple trends that favor the team that they want to bet. I'm sure that there are a few winning handicappers that have used trends to their benefit, but out of how many?

In conclusion, trends should be taken with a grain of salt. There may be a few trends that will win overtime, but finding them would be nearly impossible. It's much more reliable to do your own research to handicap a game while considering current factors than to rely of trends.

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