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Atlantic City and Online Sportsbooks

Atlantic City Sportsbooks
Currently there are no sportsbooks in Atlantic City. We hope that there will be soon.

Online Sportsbooks
Online sportsbooks have revolutionized the whole sports betting industry. Fifteen years ago, sports bettors had to travel to a sportsbook or call a bookie to place a bet, but not any more. The rise of online sportsbooks has enable players to jump online 24 hours a day to place a wager on any team playing virtually any sport. Las Vegas, once the Mecca of the sports gambling, has taken a back seat to small countries in the Caribbean, where billions of dollars are wagered on sporting events every year.

It is easy to see why these offshore sportsbooks have claimed the crown of the industry. The internet has empowered people not only to avoid dangerous bookies, but also to shop for different odds online at 5 in the morning while either eating breakfast or just getting in from a night of partying. The ease of wagering, the generous bonuses, the 24/7 customer service, and the better odds have easily made betting online the best method of sports gambling.

Unfortunately, the United States government has recently taken a hard stance on online gambling by outlawing financial transactions between US citizens and online sportsbooks. While recent regulations have not made it illegal for American citizens to gamble online, it has highly complicated the methods in which players can deposit and withdrawal funds from offshore sportsbooks. If you are an American citizen, it is still possible to gamble online, but for our own legal purposes (because we are based in the US), we can't recommend it.

For citizens of other countries, please check our local laws and regulations before depositing in an online sportsbook. Every country is different, and it's important to know your own country's regulations before betting online.

Bovada Sportsbook - (link)
Bovada is one of the most highly regarded sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms on the internet. Yes, this site offers sports betting, blackjack, and texas holdem all at one location. Located in Costa Rica and founded in 1994, Bovada has incredible customer services, generous deposit bonuses, and an easy to use design. A champion among champions, this site is often considered the best offshore sportsbook and is the only one that most players would need.